Here's my post-election round up of shit to raise hell about, shinola to give praise about and things to keep an eye about:

TX bill would remove odious language regarding homosexuality from TX Law.

TX bill would create Gender ID protections

TX bill would exempt taxes on feminine products

TX bill Allows HIV positive organ donations to HIV positive recipients

TX bill requiring fetal remains from abortion to be buried or cremated

TX Bill requires ISD's to notify parents if a child comes out as trans/gay/etc, disallows ISD's from enacting policies that protect LGBT student privacy.


TX Bill to override local control of city ordinances, would override city charters protecting LGBT folks.

TX Bill would allow the state to refuse to follow any federal laws that violate the Texas Constitution

Federal Level Massive Bullshit:
"First Amendment Defense Act: Would allow for pretty much any kind of nationwide discrimination of LGBT folks based on grounds of religious freedom.


Gloucester County School Board v. G.G., most likely will pick back up after February 21st

5th Circuit Cases:

Texas case against the ACA, seeking to allow religious freedom exceptions. Would allow doctors to discriminate against LGBT people in emergencies and routine care.

Texas VS. US: Relating to the DOJ "Dear Colleague Letter that covered guidelines for accommodating transgender students. Will most likely go away after Trumpence reverses DOJ letter.

That's what I'm gonna be fighting for and against in my neck of the woods and on the national stage. I dunno, share, read, do whatever with this info.