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Design by the amazing and talented  Mitch Greer

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Transona Five Remaster

Sonic surgery records, 2017

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In 1994, as I was scraping the remains of lunch into the trashcan in my little 1-room studio apartment in Deep Ellum,  I spied an advert on the backpage of the Dallas Observer looking for musicians to play in a band inspired by Luna, Pavement and Yo La Tengo. I pulled the weekly rag out of the garbage can, shook the food off and immediately called the number. Chris Anderson answered, and a week later I was walking across East Dallas over to a weird little enclave on Live Oak, that I would learn upon entering, was called The Carrot House, named after the large pattern of carrots painted on the living room wall.

I auditioned, magic ensued. After 30-40 minutes of the audition, Anderson remarked "if you know any drummers that would be great". "I do!" I replied "and he lives right around the corner, let's go see if he wants to play". And so we did. And G.P. Cole was home that evening, and G.P. Cole was interested in trying out, so we all walked back to the Carrot House and we all played. And it was love. And it was magic. And a band was born.

23 years later, with a lot of life and one heartbreaking death in between, here we are. This is our gift to you, fans of our music. It was always about love, it was always about seeking and finding your chosen tribe, and making the world a more beautiful place than when you found it.

I have a million fond memories of this sweet band. Such as the time we played Little Drummer Boy at Grinder's Coffeehouse on Lower Greenville as soft snow fell outside. Things like that you know, the stuff that weighs on your heart late in the night. Those times when I wonder where all the time has gone, wishing we could bridge the distance of time, differences, miles and entropy to capture a moment with our tribe that could approximate the burning, searing beauty of a Transona Five show opening the flower of tone and overtone, ringing into the air, melding waves into an indistinguishable pastel color field of pure joy and delight. 

This release is the closest we can come, I hope you find joy with it.

Much Love,

Annika Sparkles